Vital Quest's QI drop rates
Quests with increased droprates:
Quest NameLevelStarting LocNpcItem drop amount
Get a Pet15Gludin VillagePet Manager Martinx2
Dragon Fangs19Gludin VillageGuard Luisx2
Yoke of the Past20Catacombs and NecropolisGatekeeper Zigguratx2
Lizardmen Conspiracy25Gludio Castle TownGuard Pragax2
Acts of Evil27Gludin VillageGuard Alvahx2
Coin of Magic40Hunter's VillageWarehouse Keeper Sorintx2
Giants Exploration Part 151The Giants CaveHead Researcher Soblingx2
Giants Exploration Part 257The Giants CaveHead Researcher Soblingx2
Illegitimate Child of a Goddess63Town of AdenGrand Master Oltlinx2
Whisper of Dreams Part 156Giran Castle TownSeer Manakiax2
Whisper of Dreams Part 260Giran Castle TownSeer Manakiax2
Supplier of Reagents57Ivory TowerMagic Trader Wesleyx2
Legacy of Insolence59Town of AdenWarehouse Keeper Walderalx2
Daimon the White Eyed Part 173Wall of ArgosEye of Argosx2
The Finest Ingredient Part 173Hot SpringsChef Jeremyx2
Alliance with Ketra Orcs74Ketra Orc OutpostKetra's Messenger Wahkanx2
Alliance with Varka Silenos74Varka Silenos PostVarka's Messenger Naran Ashanukx2
War with Varka Silenos74Ketra Orc OutpostHierarch Kadun Zu Ketrax2
War with Ketra Orcs74Varka Silenos PostHierarch Ashas Varka Duraix2
Relics of the Old Empire74Imperial TombGhost of Adventurerx2
Gather the Flames74Forge of the GodsBlacksmith Vulcanx2
3rd class Saga Quests76Shrine of Loyalty---x5
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