About the Business Growth team

The WellingtonNZ Business Growth team is here to help Wellington businesses scale up, innovate and prepare for future growth

WellingtonNZ business team

Part of our job at WellingtonNZ is economic development – growing Wellington regional businesses for impact on a regional, national and global scale. We want to see businesses succeed, innovate, create jobs, build their sectors and find export opportunities.

We’re also part of a larger ecosystem, working with local, regional and central government agencies to make sure the right support is available to support businesses through every stage of growth.

Our team of experienced Business Growth managers work with businesses to find opportunities for upskilling, networking and growth.

Meet the team

Welcome to our business support team. We are here to support your business.

WellingtonNZ staff Claire

Claire Faulk

Team Lead Business Growth

Claire is our Business Growth and Innovation Team Lead, who oversees our business growth programmes, as well as our Covid Business Recovery team.

WellingtonNZ staff Mariana

Mariana Askin

Business Support Coordinator

When we say “contact us” it really means contact Mariana. Mariana is our business support co-ordinator, connecting you to our range of services or letting you know about other resources and programmes that may be helpful in whatever stage of business you’re in.

WellingtonNZ staff Aaron

Aaron McLeigh

Business Growth Manager

Aaron is our manufacturing specialist and has worked in the economic development space for more than a decade.

 “I’ve owned my own food & beverage business in the past so understand what it takes to make a business successful and the pressures that business owners face scaling up their businesses.”

james bennie

James Bennie

Business Growth Manager

With a background in hospitality as both a trainer and consultant, James has expert knowledge of the hospitality sector and can help these businesses look at what they need to succeed. James also looks after businesses in ICT and Professional Services. 

“Having had my own business for 10 years, I understand the pain points that small businesses go through and can use that knowledge to help workshop what’s needed for them to improve.”

Business growth team tyler dunkel

Tyler Dunkel

Business Growth Manager

Tyler has a broad background in public, private and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand and abroad. Originating from the North Bay area of California, Tyler brings a unique out-of-the-box perspective to achieving business success.

“I have a curious nature that helps me focus the broader strategic picture of an organisation as well as on its minute details. My varied background helps me challenge established norms to create growth.” 

WellingtonNZ staff Allison

Allison Ralph-Smith

Business Growth Manager & Innovation Specialist

Allison is our Innovation Specialist, working with cutting edge Wellington companies to secure funding and support to develop new products and technologies. She works closely with Callaghan Innovation to support funding applications and find the right support companies need to grow and innovate.

"It is a privilege to work with business owners who dare to take risks in pursuit of innovation. They are the mavericks, geniuses and entrepreneurs that bring me along on their ride and make this role so rewarding."

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