General server rules:

-Transmission of any racist, threatening, insulting, abusing, sexual, ethnicity messages.
-Transmission of any personal player data and insult and abuse of his personal and family life.
-Advertisement of other servers, products, services, religions and political messages that are not related to the server and/ or against the server.
-Abuse of account data, character data and character property and abuse of email data.
-Exchange of in-game items, characters, accounts etc for real world currency.
-Abuse of the player, GM. Admin or any other, identification, pretending you are someone else.
-Spam of annoying messages that flood the server chat that have no reason of existence.
-Catastrophology discussions about the future of the Server, Player, Clan, Ally etc (ďThe end of the server comes!Ē etc).
-The use of the secondary account in case of Jail/ Ban to attack and continue public discussion about the kind of the punishment and/or the punishment.
-If you have any disagreements with the Game Master/ Admin or any other member of the server stuff, state them in private in nice way.
-Use of 3rd party applications, exploits, hacks that automate gameplay or place you in advanced condition against other players.
-Abuse of server bugs and exploits. If you find a bug or exploit you must report it immediately. Abuse of it and hidding from the server stuff or sharing with other.
-Use of 3rd party applications that automate gameplay including keyboard duplicators, bots, clickers either hardware or software appliance.
-Abuse by players to other specific players or members of the server stuff to force the victim to feel insecure, unsafe, unwanted attention or any other personal discomfort.
-Even if you disagree with some opinion and option, personal attacks or attacks that are related to some persons ethnicity, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability or any other related entry, are strictly forbidden.
-If you have disagreements, study the topic not the person.
-Try to avoid any direct or indirect attacks against other users.

Client Modding & Third Party Programs
-Multi/Dual boxing is allowed. Max. allowed clients per IP is limited to 2.
-Using tools/software to bybass the dual box protection will be punished with an account ban. -Cheats, Hacks, Exploits and transmission of such data by providing website link, email, IM (Instant Messaging).
-Attacking and damaging links to forums/ websites and download links.

Not approved content:
-Our forums, website and server is oriented to Gaming and the services that we offer and targeting many different kind of people.
-So the use of any kind of unpropertied language as stated above (and not limited to), even if the words are covered by symbols or other ways or any other unpropertied behavior, will be considered insulting and will be punished.
-Sharing personal pictures that you donít own the right to that may be sexual and not only and any other of content that may make a member of our community insulted.

-This may involve the use of another identity of another person, as members are moderators or managers in the game or forum. Do not pretend a person other than what you are really.
-Spam may include the bumping of a report or posting the same message in many different places of the forums or game chat channels.
-Please respect the server and the server stuff they are here to help, but canít answer every question at once. So, please be patient. Please submit petitions it makes the process faster.
-Do not ask for items. Do not make rude comments to a GM. Do not threaten a Gm. Do not impersonate a GM.

-You are responsible for your own gear and should you choose to give it to the wrong person you are 100% responsible for anything lost.
-Do not give out your account to any one. we are not held responsible for any part of your account(characters,items,passwords,clans,etc.) When you do a trade you are responsible to make sure the items you are trading for are the correct items.

Charakter Naming:
-No inappropriate or offensive Character, Clan or Alliance names.
-Names are subject to the same rules established above. Any name the player has the ability to customize such as player names, Clan names,
and Alliance names must be appropriate and inoffensive. Any name that violates our standards or disrupts the community will be changed,
and additional limitations may be placed on the offending account per our discretion. Take note that acceptable names are determined by player reports and our GM's decisions, and role-playing servers may have
distinct standards for using game-appropriate names.

All of the above are strictly forbidden and may result to permanent account suspension.
Punishments vary from temporary chatban (in case of game chat flooding/spam) to temporary Jail of minimum 120 minutes and permanent account suspension (ban).
All account suspensions (ban) are permanent or otherwise stated.

In case of insulting messages on forums, which violate of any of the above rules, may risk your game account too.

Rules are not limited to the above and more may apply by the liking of the Game Master, Admin or any other member of the server stuff that has access and authority to punish.

Stay up to date with those rules and have knowledge of them, is your own responsibility and we may not accept excuses.